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Congdon Park Hockey 2020-21 Sponsors

Congdon Park Hockey continues to be supported by many great local businesses. Thank you Sponsors!

Platinum Level Sponsors:

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Congdon Park Hockey Club

Established in 1934, Congdon Park Hockey provides boys and girls in the Congdon Park, Hidden Valley, Lower Chester, Park Point, and East Hillside neighborhoods in Duluth, Minnesota with an opportunity to play hockey and skate.

Congdon Park Hockey provides a place for youth to skate and learn the game of ice hockey. Congdon Park Hockey Club maintains 3 outdoor rinks with an all volunteer staff composed of parents of the children who utilize the facility. Boys and girls enjoy skating, playing hockey and learning the values of teamwork, dedication and how to have fun.  Congdon's skating rinks are also enjoyed by pleasure skaters of all ages.

Rink Hours

Monday - Thursday
8am - 4pm: Open to Public
4pm - 5pm: Closed for ice maintenance
5pm - 8pm: Open to Congdon Park Hockey families only

Friday - Sunday
8am - 8pm: Open to Public 

School Breaks: 11am - 8pm (unless otherwise noted)

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Congdon Park Hockey Club